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PhD Scholarships

PhD student position at the Faculty of Physical Sciences at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences in Iceland

Posted on : 2015-07-07 02:06:37

The Faculty of Physical Sciences seeks applicants to fill a PhD student position for 3 years, for the project: Reactive high power impulse magnetron sputtering (R-HiPIMS).

The high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) discharge is an ionized physical vapor deposition (IPVD) technique that has attracted much interest lately. In HiPIMS, high power is applied to the magnetron target in unipolar pulses at low duty


Ph.D. student position at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Iceland

Posted on : 2015-07-07 02:03:01

The natural products chemistry research group seeks applicants to fill a (full time) Ph.D. student position for three years, to work on the project: Natural products as potential drug leads for neurodegenerative diseases – a multi-target approach.

Description of the project

In this project natural compounds and derivatives with favourable properties will be identifi


PhD Position-Remote Sensing of Sub-Tropical Forest Degradation in Germany

Posted on : 2015-07-06 23:56:08

The Geography Department at Humboldt-University Berlin seeks highly  qualified and motivated candidates for a PhD Position in Remote Sensing  of Sub-Tropical Forest Degradation

One funded PhD position (TV-L HU 13, 60%) for three years.

Starting date: from 1st October 2015. Application deadline: 16 July 2015 Reference number: DR/096/15

The successful applicant will study forest degradation in the South American Chaco using satelli


Doctoral Programme in Molecular and cellular Biotechnology Applied to Health Sciences in Portugal

Posted on : 2015-07-06 21:08:01

The International Doctoral Programme in Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology Applied to Health Sciences (BiotechHealth) is jointly organized by:

Two schools of University of Porto (UPorto) - the Institute for Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS) and the Faculty of Pharmacy (FFUP); Four Research Institutions - the Institute for Bio


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PhD fellowship at Dept. of Nuclear Medicine and PET in Denmark

Posted on : 2015-07-06 01:03:44

Department of Nuclear Medicine and PET Center, Dept. of Clinical Medicine, HEALTH, Aarhus University is offering a PhD fellowship commencing 1 February 2016 or as soon as possible hereafter. The application deadline is 1st October 2015.

We are seeking a PhD candidate with a medical qualification and ideally some previous research experience. The candidate should be interested in developing a career in Neurology, Psychiatry or N


PhD Programme-International Max Planck Research School on Earth System Modelling in Germany

Posted on : 2015-07-04 09:27:20

The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M) and the University of Hamburg (UHH) jointly run the International Max Planck Research School on Earth System Modelling (IMPRS-ESM) to promote high-quality doctoral research into the Earth’s climate system.  The School conducts research in four primary research areas: atmosphere, land, ocean, and the human dimension. As part of their research, doctoral candidates may build and apply Earth system model


PhD Candidate in Automated Software Testing in Luxembourg

Posted on : 2015-07-04 04:05:01

The University of Luxembourg seeks to hire outstanding researchers at its Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT).SnT is a recently formed centre carrying out interdisciplinary research in secure, reliable and trustworthy ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) systems and services, often in collaboration with industrial, governmental or international partners. SnT is active in sever


2-year postdoc or 3-year PhD-student position in Austria

Posted on : 2015-07-04 03:52:01

The Computational Logic research group at the University of Innsbruck has one open position funded by the FWF (Austrian science fund) via the START project Certifying Termination and Complexity Proofs of Programs. The project aims at increasing the reliability in current complexity and termination provers


PhD Stelle-Functions of ultrasonic vocalizations in wild house mice in Austria

Posted on : 2015-07-02 04:40:18

Females in many species show mate choice, which can enhance offspring fitness, but explaining how females are able to recognize males that confer genetic benefits remains a major challenge. In house mice (Mus musculus) females can assess a surprising amount of information about

males from their scent (e.g., species, sex, social status, health and kinship).

Male mice al


Dresden International PhD Program in Germany

Posted on : 2015-07-02 04:38:37

A truly excellent academic performance and prior research

The Dresden International PhD Program is the perfect place for curious young scientists with a vivid interest in science and research, the desire to be an active part of our highly international and interactive community, and the ambition to contribute something really extraordinary. We expect a truly excellent academic performance and prior research experience along with the poten


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