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Chemistry Scholarships

PhD scholarship in Synthetic Chemistry and Nanotechnology in Denmark

Posted on : 2016-06-05 06:56:33

A PhD position is available for the synthesis and development of polymeric nanomedicines for cardiovascular disease. This multidisciplinary project aims to synthesize polymeric building blocks which can self-assemble into nanoparticl


PhD Programmes Calls and Admissions at University of Padova in Italy

Posted on : 2016-05-21 02:19:43


Application citeria

Anyone who is in possession of the following, regardless of their nationality, may apply to take part in the selection process: • Italian diploma di laurea (vecchio ordinamento) • Master Degree (Italian Laurea specialistica/magistrale - nuovo ordinamento) • second-level academic


Post-Doctoral Researcher position in Fabrication of functional at Chonnam National University in Korea

Posted on : 2016-05-16 21:16:59

Looking for a Post-Doctoral Researcher (Chonnam National University in Republic of Korea)

We are looking for a prospective post-doc researcher who has interests in a research topic, ‘Fabrication of functional hydrogels’.

A researcher who has knowledge in Fabrication of hydrogel with the background of

-          Polymer chemistry-          Polymer physics-  &n


Postdoctorial Scientists (PhD in Chemistry, Materials Science, or related) in Germany

Posted on : 2016-05-11 03:04:09

The Institute for Solar Fuels at HZB develops new materials and devices for the photoelectrochemical conversion of cost-effective and abundant resources, such as water to chemical fuels. We are looking for a candidate to strengthen an EU project on the optimization and scale-up of promising photoelectrode materials such as BiVO4.

Tasks Development of large-area (up to 50 cm2) BiVO4-based photoelectrodes and their modification with electrocatalysts for phot


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PhD Student (Diploma or Master in the field of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Materials Sciences or Chemistry) in Germany

Posted on : 2016-05-11 03:00:30

The institute for silicon photovoltaics focuses on the development of novel polycrystalline solar cells on glass, silicon heterojunction solar cells and silicon/perovskite tandem cells.Topic of the doctoral thesis: Development of aSi/c-Si Heterojunctions for Perovskite/Silicon Hybrid Tandem Solar Cells

Tasks Design of Light trapping schemes in the silicon bottom cell that are compatible to perovskite film processing such as spin coating or printing as well as fabrication of high condu


PhD student-Department of Chemical engineering and technical chemistry in Belgium

Posted on : 2016-05-06 02:22:27

Process Analysis for Oxidative Coupling of Methane based on


PhD candidate-Application of molecular techniques to determine the functional diversity of organisms regulating carbon-nitrogen dynamics in New Zealand

Posted on : 2016-05-05 22:23:29

Application of molecular techniques to determine the functional diversity of organisms regulating carbon/nitrogen dynamics, leaching and gaseous nitrogen losses in grazed grassland

We seek a PhD candidate to join a 3-year research program based at Landcare Research and the University of Canterbury (UC) to investigate the coupling of soil C and N cycling in grazed agricultural systems. The research is supported by funding from t



Posted on : 2016-04-21 03:25:51

You will be employed at the faculty of Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science and working at the MIRA Institute of the University of Twente, a leading institute on Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine. You will work at the RAM (Robotics And Mechatronics) group, a group of about 50 people with 300 m^2 lab and production facilities like seven 3D printers, laser cutting, electronic production and phantom production facilities.


10 doctoral (PhD) positions in Big Data Analysis in Chemistry in Europe

Posted on : 2016-02-26 22:24:51

BIGCHEM (BIG data in CHEMistry) is a Marie Skodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) for Early Stage Researchers (ESR) funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Programme. The BIGCHEM ITN will provide a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary structured curriculum for doctoral students in large chemical data analysis using machine-learning, computational chemistry and chemoinformatics methods. The innovative research program will be implemented


PhD student in Physical Chemistry in Sweden

Posted on : 2016-02-15 09:43:15

Research and graduate education at the department of chemistry and molecular biology comprises a wide scientific field from the atomic and molecular levels all the way through cells to intact organisms. Much of the phenomena studied here impact on our natural environment and living systems. We participate in undergraduate programs in chemistry, molecular biology, medicinal chemistry, biology, marine sciences, and pharmacy.A third cycle education at our depar


2 PhD Positions in Theoretical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen in Denmark

Posted on : 2016-01-22 23:15:28

Two PhD positions are available in the group of Thorsten Hansen at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen. The positions are available from April 1st 2016 or soon thereafter.

In the group, we are interested in the optical and electronic processes that take place in photosynthesis and solar cells. These positions are funded by the Lundbeck Foundation and the Department of Chemistry as part of the project Read More...

PhD Fellowships in Chemical Biology in Germany

Posted on : 2015-12-01 10:09:18

The University of Konstanz, with its Institutional Strategy to Promote Top-Level Research, has been receiving continuous funding since 2007 within the framework of the Excellence Initiative by the German Federal and State Governments.The Konstanz Research School Chemical Biology is an interdisciplinary graduate programme jointly offered by the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Computer & Information Science, and is supported by the German Excellence


21 PhD student positions available at Wetsus in Europe

Posted on : 2015-10-31 00:00:00

Last Date is Approaching

Wetsus is looking for excellent and highly motivated candidates with interest in water science and technology having an MSc degree in microbiology, chemistry, (applied) physics, bio-technology, chemical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, or related disciplines.To stimulate mobility of researchers and to further internationalize the research program, Wetsus received funding for the


Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Chemical Innovation and Regulation in Europe

Posted on : 2015-09-27 00:00:00

The Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Chemical Innovation and Regulation - EMMC-ChIR - is a MSc degree for professionals concerned with the safety and regulation of chemical substances.

Chemicals are everywhere, are an essential component of our daily lives and definitively contribute to the well-being and prosperity of our society. However, some chemicals can severely damage our environment or health and are dangerous if not properly used. A large number o


Scholarships for Masters-PhD and Post-doc (International Students) in China

Posted on : 2015-09-16 00:04:42

Tsinghua University International Master and PhD Scholarship in Lab for Biomass Energy and CO2 Captures (LBC) at School of Environment, China

An excellent opportunity for students worldwide to peruse Master’s or PhD at world’s best ranked university, Tsinghua University.  China Scholarship Council and Tsinghua University offers


Doctoral Programme in Physical and Chemical Sciences (PCS) in Finland

Posted on : 2015-09-15 06:30:04

The research disciplines included in the Doctoral Programme in Physical and Chemical Sciences (PCS) are astronomy, chemistry, materials science, physics and theoretical physics.

Students of the doctoral programme get their PhD degree either from Department of Physics and Astronomy or from Department of Chemistry. Supervisors of doctoral students belong to these two departments or Finnish Centre for As


PhD Scholarship in Theoretical Chemical Dynamics in Denmark

Posted on : 2015-08-22 00:54:58

The Theoretical, Computational and Femtochemistry Group at DTU Chemistry studies chemical reactions on the atomic length and time scales. We develop theory and computational tools for describing and manipulating dynamical processes initiated in molecules by ultrashort (femtosecond) pulses and methods for converting data obtained using pulses of laser light and X-rays into snapshots of atomic motion . We strive to understand the details of the interplay betwe


DAAD Scholarship for International Masters Program in Germany

Posted on : 2015-07-22 02:53:26

DAAD Scholarship Postgraduate courses for professionals from developing countries at German institutions of Higher education Duration: 12-24 months, depending on the particular institution Internationally recognised Master's degree Includes German Universities and “Fachhochschulen” (Universities of Applied Science) Support of selected programmes with a variety of full or partial scholarships Funded by the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) but


Doctoral Programme of Exact Sciences (Exactus-DP) in Finland

Posted on : 2015-07-20 04:28:28

Open Call for applicants for seven (7) four-year doctoral student positions in the Doctoral Programme of Exact Sciences (Exactus-DP) at the University of Oulu, Finland Doctoral training environment

The Exactus-DP ( operates in the broad fields of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. For detailed information, see the links below:

Astronomy Space physics:


Doctoral Programme of Advanced Materials (ADMA-DP) in Finland

Posted on : 2015-07-20 04:12:56

Advanced Materials Doctoral Programme (ADMA-DP), Call for applicants for six (6) four-year and one (1) two-year doctoral student positions in the fields of

Engineering, Natural sciences, and Environmental sciences at the University of Oulu, Finland

1.General description of the Advanced Materials Doctoral Programme


Doctoral student in physical chemistry in Sweden

Posted on : 2015-07-12 04:20:08

Lunds universitet, kemiska institutionen, avd för fysikalisk kemi

Lund University was founded in 1666 and for a number of years has been ranked among the world’s top 100 universities. The University has 42 000 students and more than 7 500 staff based in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. We are united in our efforts to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition.

The Faculty of


PhD positions Separation Technology in Netherlands

Posted on : 2015-06-19 02:31:45

The Separation Technology Group, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry is looking foor 2 PhD candidates ‘Biomass waste valorization using nature-based deep eutectic solvents’ (m/v)

We have ambitious plans to simultaneously recover multiple valuable compounds from biomass waste streams (peels, crop waste) in a cost-effective way. For this, we aim to develop and apply novel breakthrough solvents t


PhD position available within Protein chemistry (PhD grant), Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen in Denmark

Posted on : 2015-06-17 03:35:59

The Center for Evolutionary Chemical Biology (CECB), Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen is offering a fully funded PhD scholarship starting August 1st 2015 or shortly thereafter.

CECB is headed by professor Morten Meldal. The center applies advanced organic synthesis in the development of biologically active compounds through evolutionary princ


Post Doctoral Researcher in Computational Study of Chemical in Ireland

Posted on : 2015-06-10 02:55:16

The University of Limerick (UL) with over 13,000 students and 1,300 staff is an energetic and enterprising institution with a proud record of innovation and excellence in education, research and scholarship. The dynamic, entrepreneurial and pioneering values which drive UL’s mission and strategy ensures that we capitalise on local, national and international engagement and connectivity. We are renowned for providing an outstanding student experience and con


PhD student Modification of Graphene in Belgium

Posted on : 2015-05-27 22:39:01

The Faculty of Sciences, research institute Institute for Materials Research, research group Organic and Bio-polymer Chemistry of Hasselt University seeks a (m/f) PhD student Modification of GrapheneTask descriptionIn the frame of an international collaboration, a PhD can be started. The research aims at the modification of graphene and graphene oxide by means of grafting-to and grafting-from methods. Fundamental aspects of the graphene modifications will be studi


PhD position: Data mining for biomedicine in Belgium

Posted on : 2015-05-23 04:32:45

For Public Health and Primary Care, Campus Kulak Kortrijk, we are looking for a PhD student in data mining for biomedicine.

PhD position: Data mining for biomedicine

The 'Data mining for biomedicine and epidemiology' research group is specialised in developing algorithms to search for patterns in large (bio)medical datasets, in order to generate or confirm important research hypotheses. This young and dynamic research team is embedded in the Biomedical Sciences grou


PhD project Model based Monitoring of Bio-Processing Plants in Denmark

Posted on : 2015-04-29 10:02:44

A PhD position is available in connection with the strategic research center BIOPRO2 which is funded by InnovationsFonden. DTU Chemical engineering is coordination the center which included Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Dong Energy, CP Kelco and Chr. Hansen as industrial partners as well as other research departments at DTU and Copenhagen University). The BIOPRO2 center aims at develop and optimize knowledge based bio-based production industries at the plant leve


20 PhD Research Fellow and Post Doctor positions within Subsea production and processing in Norway

Posted on : 2015-04-13 04:13:14

Do you want to be part of an R and D team pursuing innovative solutions for subsea oil and gas production and processing? The new research and innovation centre, SUBPRO is offering up to 20 PhD and Postdoc positions.

Improved solutions for subsea processing is an enabler for many of the large oil and gas fields in deep water, remote areas and demanding environme


1-3 PhD fellowships in heterogeneous catalysis in Norway

Posted on : 2015-04-13 04:05:44

1-3 PhD Research fellowships are available at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The fellowships are affiliated with “iCSI – industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation for a competitive and sustainable process industry”, which is a National Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) granted by the Research Council of Norway for the period 2015-22. In addition to NTNU, SINTEF Ma


PhD fellow in Analytical Chemistry in Denmark

Posted on : 2015-04-09 02:28:00

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen is offering a PhD scholarship in Analytical Chemistry commencing 1 June 2015 or as soon as possible thereafter.Project descriptionMaersk Oil Research and Technology Centre, Doha (MORTC) has established a Ph.D. program in support of the memorandum of understanding between University of Copenhagen and Qatar University. The thought is that the successful candidate will cond


1-3 PhD fellowships in heterogeneous catalysis in Norway

Posted on : 2015-03-15 00:00:00

1-3 PhD Research fellowships are available at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The fellowships are affiliated with “iCSI – industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation for a competitive and sustainable process industry”, which is a National Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) granted by the Research Council of Norway for the period 2015-22. In addition to NTNU, SINTEF Mate


Doctoral student in Chemical Engineering in Sweden

Posted on : 2015-03-07 00:21:02

Lund University was founded in 1666. Today, the University is ranked as one of the world`s top 100 and is Sweden`s most international higher education institution. The University has 47 700 students and 7 500 staff based in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö. We are united in our efforts to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition.

LTH forms the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, with approximately 9 000 students. The research carried out at LTH i


2 PhD positions in Theoretical Chemistry in Netherlands

Posted on : 2015-03-03 03:30:41

VU University Amsterdam is one of the leading institutions for higher education in Europe and aims to be inspiring, innovative, and committed to societal welfare. It comprises twelve faculties and has teaching facilities for 25.000 students. Research at the Faculty of Sciences focuses on the areas of Life & Health, Networked World, Fundamentals of Science, and Energy & Sustainability. The faculty’s teaching activities are directly linked to th


16 PhD Fellowships in Life and Natural Sciences in Germany

Posted on : 2015-02-16 21:48:17

The International Max Planck Research School – Molecular Biomedicine (IMPRS-MBM) and the Cells in Motion Excellence Cluster (CiM) offer 16 PhD Fellowships in Life and Natural Sciences. More PhD positions financed by work contracts may be offered depending on availability.The CiM Graduate School and IMPRS-MBM - jointly run by the University of Münster and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine - offer interdisciplinary approaches to bio


PhD Scholarship Electronic Structure Theory for Perovskites in Germany

Posted on : 2015-02-15 07:01:43

PhD Scholarship in the

Joint graduate school of Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin and University of Potsdam 


Electronic structure and band gap tun


PhD position in Modeling of Gradients in Large Scale Bioreactors in Denmark

Posted on : 2015-01-28 01:08:07

The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at DTU seeks a PhD student to work on a PhD project on the modeling of gradients in large scale bioreactors.DTU Chemical Engineering is coordinating the BIOPRO2 strategic research center – a recently granted project that is funded by InnovationsFonden. The PhD project will be part of the strategic research center, and will be carried out in collaboration with Novozymes A/S.The objective of the PhD


Imperial College PhD Scholarship scheme in UK

Posted on : 2015-01-18 00:00:00

If you are a high performing undergraduate or Master’s student, and have a strong desire to undertake a PhD programme at a world class research institution, you could be selected to receive full tuition fees and a generous stipend for a PhD place at Imperial College London.

The scheme aims to provide up to 50 research students with great potential the opportunity to work within their chosen research field w


Joint master programme in Tribology of Surfaces and Interfaces in Europe

Posted on : 2015-01-09 06:52:40

Joint master programme in Tribology of Surfaces and Interfaces is a two year Erasmus Mundus master programme of total 120 ECTS. It is divided into four semesters during two years, with a chance of internship with one of several groups and renown supporting and associated partners.

The key goal of the TRIBOS joint master programme is to provide the students with the high-level contemporary knowledge, required for