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PhD scholarship in Corrosion Reliability of Production Wells used in the Oil and Gas Industry in Denmark

Posted on : 2016-11-06 23:41:48

The Materials and Surface Engineering section in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark is seeking a candidate for the PhD position in the field of The impact of the Seawater fraction on the corrosion behavior of production wells focusing on analyzing the corrosion mechanisms and defining governing parameters increasing the corrosion rates. Proposed PhD project is a part of the work package conducted in collaboration betwee


PhD Programmes Calls and Admissions at University of Padova in Italy

Posted on : 2016-05-21 02:19:43


Application citeria

Anyone who is in possession of the following, regardless of their nationality, may apply to take part in the selection process: • Italian diploma di laurea (vecchio ordinamento) • Master Degree (Italian Laurea specialistica/magistrale - nuovo ordinamento) • second-level academic


PhD position Multi-scale modelling of thermo-mechanical fatigue in Netherlands

Posted on : 2015-11-18 22:18:54

Physics of Failure: Programme description The objective of the programme 'Physics of Failure' is to unravel the physical complexity of the initiation and development of damage and failure in complex and dynamically changing microstructures in metals. Existing physical models of the initiation and propagation of damage in metallic materials are limited in terms of the specific microstructural features and physics accounted for. The physics of damage involves


PhD-Robust Multi-Agent Control of Smart Energy Systems in Netherlands

Posted on : 2015-10-22 00:46:20

The 3mE Faculty trains committed engineering students, PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers in groundbreaking scientific research in the fields of mechanical, maritime and materials engineering. 3mE is the epitome of a dynamic, innovative faculty, with a European scope that contributes demonstrable economic and social benefits.

The Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC) coordinates the education and


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Scholarships for Masters-PhD and Post-doc (International Students) in China

Posted on : 2015-09-16 00:04:42

Tsinghua University International Master and PhD Scholarship in Lab for Biomass Energy and CO2 Captures (LBC) at School of Environment, China

An excellent opportunity for students worldwide to peruse Master’s or PhD at world’s best ranked university, Tsinghua University.  China Scholarship Council and Tsinghua University offers


Full MS and PhD scholarships for distinguished graduate applicants in Saudi Arabia

Posted on : 2015-08-25 03:48:56

KFUPM currently offers 32 Master Programs and 11 Doctorate Programs in 27 different disciplines.


We welcome outstanding and talented prospective graduate students from around the nation and the world to apply for Graduate Studies. Besides national students, KFUPM currently has international graduate students from 28 different nationalities. This adds to the richness & diversity of the a


Pakistan Engineering Council Merit Scholarship Scheme in Pakistan

Posted on : 2015-07-09 21:45:34

PEC Management Committee approved merit scholarships for postgraduate and undergraduate talented/deserving students, registered with the Engineering Universities/ Institutions of Pakistan for Masters and Bachelor of Engineering in various engineering disciplines. Scholarships will be awarded to the Sons/Daughters of registered engineers of the council on the basis of good academic standing, motivation and commitment. Allocat


PhD student-Boiling flow regime maps in Netherlands

Posted on : 2015-06-19 01:22:03

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (W) considers as its core activities the design, realization and analysis of new products, processes and materials. Next to the basis of solid and fluid mechanics, material science, control theory and thermodynamics, mathematics, physics, chemistry and computing science are important supporting tools. The field is explored by a combination of dedicated experimentation and modeling. The Mechanical Engineering Department comp


PhD student Sustainability assessment of renovation: integration of social aspects in ecological sustainability in Belgium

Posted on : 2015-05-29 05:45:49

This doctoral research is closely related to several ongoing research projects and doctoral research within the Sustainability group of ArcK.More information: http://www.fac-ark.beTask descriptionTo reduce current energy, water and material consumption, a thorough sustainable renovation of the Flemish housing stock is crucial. In these renovations, not only technica


20 PhD Research Fellow and Post Doctor positions within Subsea production and processing in Norway

Posted on : 2015-04-13 04:13:14

Do you want to be part of an R and D team pursuing innovative solutions for subsea oil and gas production and processing? The new research and innovation centre, SUBPRO is offering up to 20 PhD and Postdoc positions.

Improved solutions for subsea processing is an enabler for many of the large oil and gas fields in deep water, remote areas and demanding environme


PhD scholarship in Diesel Engine Tribology in Denmark

Posted on : 2015-03-11 00:00:00

DTU Mechanical Engineering covers the fundamental engineering disciplines within the field of mechanics, including mechanical properties of materials, strength and vibration analyses, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, safety theory and control engineering.The study is funded partly by the European Community through the Horizon 2020 project Hercules-2 and partly by DTU. More than 30 universities and private companies are involved in the Hercules-2 project.The


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