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Machine Learning Scholarships in Switzerland

PhD student positions in Machine Learning and Data Mining on Biomedical Data in Switzerland

Posted on : 2015-04-17 03:39:36

The Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D-BSSE) is one of ETH Zurich's youngest departments and the only one located in Basel outside of the Zurich campus. It unites biologists, engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians to work towards a quantitative understanding and purposeful engineering of complex biological systems. Karsten Borgwardt’s Lab at the D-BSSE in Basel has openings for

PhD student positions in Machine Learning and Data Mining on Biomedi


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Open PhD position in Machine Learning methods for Analyzing DNA Sequencing Data in Switzerland

Posted on : 2015-03-04 21:15:07

Applications are invited for a PhD position in the interdisciplinary research project The interplay of host and viral factors in the hurdle to cure HIV-1", which is a project run by the University Hospital Zurich (Division of Infectious Diseases), ETH Zurich (Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering), IBM Research Zurich, EPFL Lausanne and the University of Basel (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science).The main focus of the Basel