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PhD Scholarships in France


Posted on : 2017-04-15 02:38:12

Each year the Institut Pasteur Department of International Affairs allocates funding to promote and aid completion of doctoral theses for both French and foreign scientists in institutes within the Institut Pasteur International Network located outside mainland France.

Funding for completion of a doctoral thesis within the Institut Pasteur International Network : Calmette and Yersin program Aim : The Institut Pasteur


PhD Position: A Privacy-by-design Middleware for Urban-scale Mobile Crowdsensing in France

Posted on : 2016-09-06 12:55:16

We are offering a 3 years PhD position at INRIA starting November 2016. The research work will focus on the design of a secure and Privacy-by-design Middleware with data management support. Potential applications and use cases are in urban-scale social sensing and quantified-self contexts. The PhD student will work in the Inria SMIS & MIMOVE team and be part of the CityLab@Inria initiative, which studies ICT solutions toward


A fully-funded 3-years Ph.D. Thesis Position in France

Posted on : 2015-05-07 04:21:34

Title: Annotations transfer in a domain adaptation framework

Keywords: Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Transfert Learning, Representation Learning Supervisors: Emilie Morvant (LaHC, Saint-Etienne) and Massih-Reza Amini (LIG, Grenoble) Location: Hubert Curien Laboratory, Saint-Etienne and Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble Starting date: September or October 2015 Application deadline: May, 18th 2015 Dec


3-years Phd position in Computer Science in France

Posted on : 2015-04-09 02:59:56

On the Web and in social networks, textual similarity search is a problem of the utmost practical interest.Devising metrics for textual contents (Web pages, tweets, ..) serves the purpose of today Web services -- search engine, recommender system, online advertising, ... to name a few. In this context, one of the popular strategy to overcome scalability issues is Semantic Hashing, which has been proposed in the early 2000 [2, 4]. Semantic hashing aims at embedding


PhD student-Triangulations of hyperbolic manifolds in France

Posted on : 2015-03-28 01:53:50

Established in 1967, Inria is the only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences.Combining computer sciences with mathematics, Inria’s 3,500 researchers strive to invent the digital technologies of the future. Educated at leading international universities, they creatively integrate basic research with applied research and dedicate themselves to solving real problems, collaborating with the main players in public and private research in


Deterministic Networking for the Industrial Internet of Things in France

Posted on : 2015-03-04 21:12:52

Tomorrow's smart factory will rely heavily on low-power wireless mesh technology to monitor and automate the manufacturing process. A combination of centralized control and distributed intelligence will ensure different data flows coexist in the wireless "umbrella" network spanning the smart factory. For low-power wireless to be usable in tomorrow's smart factory, it must offer Determinism, Manageability and Service level agreements. One major challenge is that wi


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