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Scholarship for PhD or MSc study. Dynamics of droplets impacting to a moving surface and its utilization for surface coating and spray generation, Turkey


Degree: PhD in mechanical engineering or MSc. in Mechanical Engineering

Scholarship: 1800 TL per month (PhD students) or 1500 TL per month (MSc Students) + Dormitory + Tuition Waiver
Duration: 3 years (PhD Students) or 2 years (MSc. Students)
Abstract: Single droplets or droplets in the form of a spray are used in many key technologies, such as combustion chambers of car engines and jet engines, surface coating, surface cooling, surface reactions, respiratory drug delivery, fire extinguishers, pesticide applications and inkjet applications. Besides those applications, there are harmful effects for example droplets imping to the blades of a steam turbines or pipes in nuclear or thermal power plants. The level of understanding of the wall-droplet interaction during impact of droplets determines the success of the developed technology and, moreover, allows the development of new technologies. The objective of the project is to conduct experimental and numerical investigations on the dynamics of droplet(s) impacting to a moving surface. Fundamental research will be made which is necessary for the coating of moving surfaces and generation of spray with the help of moving surfaces. Surfaces having different roughness, topology and wettability characteristics will be used, so that the results of the research can be applicable in a wide range of applications. Preliminary research will be made on the coating of LED chips to determine the operational limits of such coating. This project will help to generate knowledge and experience in the field of coating and spray in Turkey. The results can be used directly in technological applications. To utilize those results, contacts will be established with relevant companies and if applicable patents will be issued. In addition to those, short courses will be offered to the researchers working this field.

Requirements: * PhD candidates should have M.Sc. degree  in one of the following disciplines: mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, physics, applied physics, computational sciences, * CPGA > 3.0 (over 4.0)  *Inspration and curiosity, *Master thesis work in the field of fluid mechanics, *able to work in  a team
Deadline for applications: 16.01.2015
Application procedure:
1) Send an email to
2) Excellent candidates are asked to apply for a TÜBÄ°TAK scholarship. More information can be obtained from Dr. Ertunç.

Further Information

Application Deadline : 16 January 2015

Scholarship for PhD or MSc study. Dynamics of droplets impacting to a moving surface and its utilization for surface coating and spray generation : PDF

Contact Email:

Posted on 2015-01-04 10:53:08

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