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Doctoral student in Electronics, Sweden


To the Department of Electronics, Campus Sundsvall, Mid Sweden University is looking for a Doctoral student in Electronics MIUN 2015/755

The employment is for research within the subject electronics and the research areas antennas, microwave technology and printed electronics, where RFID is the main application area. This post graduate employment is mainly for research in the area of antennas for UHF or HF bands that can cover great surfaces and both identify and determine the position of RFID-tagged objects. The large surfaces require non-conventional circuit board material, and this is why we work with methods based on metal foil and technologies related to printed electronics. The aim of the study ranges from finding the answer to what determines the conditions for the boundary value to how big antenna structures are theoretically and practically possible to develop and, if possible, to find new innovative methods and solutions. Therefore, we are looking for a doctoral student who wishes to develop the next generation of integrated reader antennas for RFID.

Tasks: As a doctoral student, your main task is to focus on research and research studies. The tasks are both theoretical and experimental and require a high level of understanding of and the ability to apply electromagnetic field theory, computer simulations as well as practical experiments. The work is in close collaboration with the other scientists of the research centre Sensible Things that Communicate, STC, in Sundsvall as well as with industrial partners and international contacts. The employment involve 80 % research and 20 % teaching or other departmental duties.

Entry requirements and assessment grounds: To meet the basic entry requirements for doctoral programmes, applicants must have a second-cycle degree or have completed studies for at least 240 credits from 1 July 2007 or later, of which at least 60 credits were awarded in the second-cycle, or have completed a corresponding programme in some other country or have equivalent qualifications. Applicants who have completed studies for at least 120 credits before 1 July 2007 and in addition a minimum of 60 credits in electronics also meet the entry requirements.

To meet the specific entry requirements, applicants must have completed studies for at least 90 credits (1.5 yrs) in electronics or a similar subject or have equivalent qualifications from Sweden or from some other country.  

In addition to the formal entry requirements, the assessment will also be based on other work (such as degree work, project work), courses and interviews with the applicants. Experiences in microwave technology for antennas and inductive couplings is meritorious, as well as experiences from radio-based work with RFID technologies and experiences in publishing academic papers. Personal qualities, like the ability to collaborate, initiative and suitability as a doctoral student will be weighted together with the formal subject knowledge. A brief description of the applicant’s visions and aims in terms of research should be attached to the application.

Processing: The preparation of the employment is carried outaccording to what is stated in the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 5 and continues according to the appointments procedure applicable at Mid Sweden University.

Employment: The post graduate employment is intended to be an employment equivalent to two years full time studies and aims at a Licentiate degree. The employment may be extended to a Doctoral degree, provided that the additional funding is obtained.   

Location: Sundsvall.

Starting date: According to agreement.

Salary: According to Mid Sweden University’s salary agreement for post graduate students.

For further information about the position, please contact: Claes Mattsson, Head of Department Phone: +46 (0)60-14 84 98, +46 (0)70-28 35 685 E-mail.

Union representatives: Ummis Jonsson, SACO, phone +46 (0)63-16 53 08 and Lollo Ljuslin, ST/TCO, phone +46 (0)63-16 57 14.

Application: The application should consist of affirmed curriculum vitae, copies of certificates, degree certificate/ university diploma, description of preferred research area, according to what is said above and other documents that you wish to refer to. The application should be submitted to Mid Sweden University no later than 23 April 2015. The application is to be sent to or to Registrator, Mid Sweden University, 851 70 Sundsvall. Please state the ref no MIUN 2015/755 mentioned above.

Further Information

Application Deadline : 23 April 2015

Doctoral student in Electronics : PDF

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Posted on 2015-04-10 22:26:51

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