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PhD student Sustainability assessment of renovation: integration of social aspects in ecological sustainability, Belgium


This doctoral research is closely related to several ongoing research projects and doctoral research within the Sustainability group of ArcK.
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Task description
To reduce current energy, water and material consumption, a thorough sustainable renovation of the Flemish housing stock is crucial. In these renovations, not only technical, ecological and financial aspects should be considered, but also social aspects of renovation, such as attitudes, perceptions, behavior... A successful renovation involves an important decision process before, during and after renovation in which both social success factors and barriers occur that can have a positive or negative impact on the process. The aim of this doctoral research is to develop an assessment method for sustainable renovation that takes into account the social aspects of ecological renovation and that can be integrated in overall sustainability assessment methods. Aim is that this social assessment method can be supportive to the decision process of building owners during renovation, from start to finish, including the use phase. Therefore, social aspects that have an impact on individuals, when considering sustainable renovation, are analyzed during the different stages of renovation and the different stages of their lifetime. This will be done through a literature study and an in-depth analysis of existing sustainability assessment methods and several real life renovation projects by means of surveys, interviews and focus groups of stakeholders. Personal and societal issues will be dealt with, as well as the change in these driving forces during different life stages and the role that can be played by architects and contractors. Additionally, through research by design, innovative renovation concepts/processes and renovation proposals will be developed for some residential buildings that are representative for the Flemish housing stock. These cases are used for the validation and iterative fine-tuning of the developed social assessment method.

    The candidate has verifiable research and design experience
    The candidate has the social skills to operate in an interdisciplinary team and to collaborate with both academics, professionals and individuals
    The candidate is able to report effectively, both orally and in writing, in English and in Dutch
    The candidate is prepared to be involved in teaching
    The candidate has expertise in sustainable building and social processes and/or is strongly interested to explore both domains

Master in Architecture or Master in Architectural Engineering (or equivalent).
Scholarship for a period of 2 x 2 years (with evaluation after 2 years)

Further Information

Application Deadline : 12 July 2015

PhD student Sustainability assessment of renovation: integration of social aspects in ecological sustainability : PDF

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Posted on 2015-05-29 05:45:49

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