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Postdoctoral position in bird biology and landscape ecology, Poland



In: Institute of Nature Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakó

Job description:

We are looking for a person interested in participating in a research project entitled

Interactive effects of the social information and landscape structure on the behaviour and distribution of animals conducted under the grant SONATA BIS 4 and funded by the National Science Centre, Poland (

Project manager: Dr Piotr Skórka (

Problem to solve:

Patterns of distribution and abundance of many animals are usually considered to be the result of active selection of the physical and structural attributes of the habitat/landscape.

However, the presence of species in the habitat can be dependent not only on the physical and structural characteristics, but also on the interactions with other individuals of the same or different species. Given that the environment is often highly variable, animals can increase their fitness via the selection of a habitat, basing on the so-called social and public information, possessed by other individuals or different species. However, very little is known about how social and public information shapes ecological processes. Moreover, the information can come from various sources, which may impair or enhance its value. The value of social and public information may depend especially on the degree of habitat heterogeneity, which is one of the fundamental characteristics of the environment. The aim of the project is to understand the relative effects of diverse social and public information types, the heterogeneity of the environment and the interaction between these two phenomena in shaping the distribution, density and biodiversity of organisms (birds).


• PhD in biology or ecology;

• Excellent publication record in leading ecological/evolutionary journals,

• Advanced skills in statistics, mostly programming in R,

• Advanced skills in GIS (raster analysis, remote sensing data),

• Experience in studies involving field identification of European birds,

• Ability to develop and implement new computational and statistical methods,

• Motivation to contribute and develop ideas for the research projects and to undertake innovative research at the interface of landscape ecology, behaviour and evolutionary biology,

• High motivation for further development, ability to work in a team,

• Advanced knowledge of English,

• Ability to work under stressful conditions,

• Valid driving license


- Full engagement in large-scale field experiments and performing the wide range of activities (recording bird voices, analysis of sonograms, conducting experiments, statistical analysis);

- Writing scientific publications;

- Involvement in the work based on irregular working hours (during field work period);

- Applying for other research grants,

- Participation in supervising PhD-students ,


- Learning modern methods and techniques used in biology (including advances GIS, statistics, ornithology);

- Participation in scientific activity of a group of highly motivated researchers,

- Participation in the international scientific conferences and stays,

- Applying for one’s own research grant under supervision of experienced scientists.

We offer:

- Work in a newly formed research team;

- Laboratory space and a place for work;

- Basic facilities and services;

- Support regarding research content and organization;

- Friendly, inspiring, interdisciplinary environment;

- Work in a historic city with many scientific institutes and bustling social life

Forms for submitting applications: via email (PDF, in the title of an email, please enter "postdoc_surname”)

Conditions of employment:

- Contract of employment: full time, three year-period (with possibility of extension for next two years. However, there is a trial working period lasting six months. If successful, the trial period will be extended for two and half years and then next two years (the project will be evaluated externally after three years).

- Starting date of employment: 1st October 2015;

- Duration of the project: 60 months;

- Salary: annual gross salary 60000PLN (~14000-15000 EUR).

Applications should be sent to:

dr Piotr Skorka (

Institute of  Nature Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences,

ul. Mickiewicza 31, 31-102 Kraków.

Required documents:

- Scientific curriculum vitae;

- Scan of Doctorate diploma;

- List of publications;

- Cover letter;

- Contact details of at least one academic who can provide a letter of reference.

Deadline for submitting documents: 15 August 2015

Further Information

Application Deadline : 15 August 2015

Postdoctoral position in bird biology and landscape ecology : PDF

Contact Email:

Posted on 2015-06-27 14:15:53

Please give reference of when applying for above scholarship.

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