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Infotech Oulu Doctoral Programme (Infotech-DP), Finland


Call for applicants for twelve (12) four-year  doctoral student positions, three (3) two-year positions and one short-term position (six months) in the research groups of Infotech Oulu Doctoral Programme in the fields of electronics, communications engineering, computer science and engineering, and software engineering and information systems

The Infotech Oulu Doctoral Programme originates from Infotech Oulu ( research center founded in the University of Oulu in 1996. Information technology is designated as one of the four focal research areas of the University of Oulu, including cutting edge research in machine vision, ubiquitous computing, wireless communications, high-speed electronics and photonics, biomedical engineering, software engineering and information systems. The principal goal of Infotech Oulu is to create an environment for the development of world-class research groups by advancing long-term research, researcher training, and international research collaboration. Some of the research groups are joint groups between the University of Oulu and VTT.

Infotech-DP offers doctoral education by arranging doctoral courses, research seminars and workshops. The research is done in one of the research groups of Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program, listed in  The research content of the doctoral studies of eligible students must align with the ongoing research activities within these research groups. The major subject of the student must be one of the following: Electrical engineering, Photonics, Electronics design, Electronics materials & components, Computer science and engineering, Communications engineering, Information processing science, or Medical technology. The funding for doctoral student positions is up to for four years; 12 positions are for up to four years, three up to two years and one for half a year. Please mention which position you are applying for in your application form. See the General Call Text for information concerning the employment terms and minimum requirements for the positions.

The candidate should establish contact with a prospective supervisor of the Infotech Oulu research groups (see link above) prior to submitting an application. The supervisor, who is a professor, adjunct-professor, or docent, or equivalent, must be clearly identified in the application form (full name, title, position, research unit and/or faculty at the University of Oulu).

All applications must include:

  1. A completed online “Application Form” (see below);

The following documents must be attached to the online “Application Form” as single Portable Document Format (PDF) attachments (i.e. compiled into a total of 4 separate documents). Each attachment will have the following respective file names: Infotech-YourName-CV; Infotech-YourName-Diplomas; Infotech-YourName-Plan; and Infotech-YourName-Reference. Replace “YourName” with your own last name (as in your passport).

Warning: Incorrectly named attachments may not be processed correctly.

  1. CV:      Curriculum Vitae of the applicant, including a list of any peer-reviewed scientific publications (with full reference details). Include the number of citations as listed on (mark “cites:xx”), if any, at the end of each entry of your list of publications) (Max. 3 pages, 5 Mbytes).
  2. Certificates/Diplomas:     Scanned electronic copies of diplomas and transcripts of the records of relevant previous degrees and, if applicable, a valid certificate of language proficiency (see the General Call Text). If the original documents are not in English, Finnish or Swedish, each document must be accompanied by an official certified translation into English or Finnish. (Max. size limit: 2 Mbytes).
  3. Research plan:    including the title, background and significance, objectives and methods (objectives of the research, hypotheses and research methods, schedule and intermediate objectives for the research, expected results and publication plan) and, if relevant, any results that have already been achieved. Note that you need to discuss about the plan with your proposed supervisor. (Max. 3 pages, 2 Mbytes).
  4. Other attachment:      A letter of reference from a senior scientist working in one of the research groups affiliated with the Infotech Oulu Doctoral Program, and who is proposed as, and is interested in being, the applicant’s Principal Supervisor, must be attached to the application. In addition to a justified recommendation for the recruitment of the applicant, this letter must include an estimation of the time needed to complete the doctoral studies and, thus, the recommended duration of the position that should be allocated to the applicant. (Max. size of the attachment: 2 Mbytes).

Important:        Unless explicitly stated in the letter of reference, the recommendation of the proposed supervisor does not bind the latter to any form of commitment in the event that the selection committee does not award the position for which the letter of reference was provided to the applicant. If the supervisor provides a letter of reference to more than one applicant, the supervisor may be asked later, during the selection process, to provide the selection committee with a justified ranking of the applicants.

Click here to proceed to the online Application Form and to submit all documents for the Infotech-DP doctoral student positions.

All application documents are to be submitted electronically, before the deadline on Friday 21.08.2015, at 24.00 (midnight, Finnish local time, UTC + 3hr). If an applicant submits more than one application for these positions, only the most recent submission received before the deadline will be considered.

Applications received after the deadline, or incomplete applications, will not be considered.

For further information concerning the Infotech Oulu Doctoral Programme (Infotech-DP) positions, please contact (preferably by e-mail):

DP Coordinator Dr. Tapio Repo: tapio.repo (at); phone: +358-29-4482791, or

DP Director Professor Timo Rahkonen: timo.rahkonen (at); phone: +358-29-4482678.

Further Information

Application Deadline : 21 August 2015

Infotech Oulu Doctoral Programme (Infotech-DP) : PDF

Contact Email:

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