Postdoc, PhD, Masters and Bachelors scholarships and fellowships

131 PhD Positions at Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy



Università Politecnica delle Marche hereby announces selection procedures for admission to the three-year

PhD Courses (2015/2016 – 2016/2017 – 2017/2018) of the XXXI cycle, as follows:

including the following curricula:
1. Business Economics and Management
2. Economic Law

including the following curricula:
1. Civil, Environmental, Building Engineering and Architecture
2. Environmental Heritage and Sustainable Changes
3. Vitruvian Studies
including the following curricula:
1. Biomedical, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
2. Computer, Management and Automation Engineering
including the following curricula:
1. Mechanical Engineering
2. Energy Engineering
3. Materials Engineering
including the following curricula:
1. Marine Biology and Ecology
2. Biomolecular Sciences
3. Civil and Environmental Protection

For each PhD Course the number of available positions, the scholarships, the scientific areas involved, the
candidate selection procedures as well as day, time, location and topics of the exams to be taken are listed
in Annex A of this Call.
Positions with scholarships funded or co-funded by third parties, as enlisted in Annex A, are
subject to agreements to be concluded with such parties.
The recipients of the Eureka scholarships must be unemployed and domiciled or resident in the Marche

The competition is open to candidates with an Italian degree obtained prior to Ministerial Decree 509/99 or an Italian second level degree (“laurea specialistica/magistrale), or an appropriate academic qualification obtained at a University abroad. Candidates who submit applications for admission before the end of their studies must obtain their degree by October 31, 2015. In this case candidates are conditionally admitted and
have to provide a substitute declaration within November 9, 2015, in compliance with art. 47 of Presidential Decree Nr. 445/2000. Candidates who fail to comply will not be considered for the competition.
Candidates who graduated at a University abroad will be admitted under the condition they provide the complete documentation required to assess the eligibility of their degree title, whereas foreign citizens will be admitted under the condition they provide a copy of the Permit of Stay or certificate of residence applied
for at the Anagrafe of the Comune.

Candidates with an academic qualification obtained abroad must request for evaluation of the eligibility of
their academic title, solely for the purpose of the admission to the PhD Course they apply for. To this
purpose they must submit upon application any relevant documents useful for verifying eligibility, according
to the instructions provided for in Art. 4.
Annex A shows a list of some positions and scholarships which can be applied for exclusively by students
with a degree obtained abroad, which will be awarded after a selection based on the assessment of the
qualifications held and an exam to be taken (interview). In this case a separate ranking list will be drawn up.
The positions and scholarships that will not be assigned to graduates who obtained their degree at
universities abroad, will be allocated for other PhD Courses, according to instructions of the Academic
Applications for admission to the competition must be submitted according to the online procedure available
on the University website (“Concorsi” – “Concorsi vari” – “Dottorato di ricerca XXXI
ciclo”), by clicking on “compila la domanda di ammissione” (“fill in the application form”) (see Annex B/1,
Italian text, and B/2, English text, to this Call). Candidates failing to comply will not be considered.
Candidates who graduated at Univpm can fill in the application form by clicking on “Percorso riservato ai
Laureati/Laureandi dell’Università Politecnica delle Marche”, thereby entering their Student Registration
Number and personal Identification Number. This way data related to their academic career will be
automatically registered in the application. After entering the data online, candidates must submit the
application by clicking on “CONFERMA” (“Submit”).
After the application has been submitted, candidates must print out the application form, sign it and send it
along with all the attachments to “Università Politecnica delle Marche – Ripartizione Dottorato di Ricerca –
Via Oberdan n. 8 – 60121 Ancona”, making sure that it reaches destination within September 3,
2015. The printed out application form along with the relevant documents can be sent in one of the
following ways:
Page 3
X:\1-DOTTORATO\Dottorato\17° ciclo\istituzione\Bando di concorso\BANDO inglese definitivo.rtf
- Hand delivery to “Ripartizione Dottorato di Ricerca” during office hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and
Friday from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.; Wednesday from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 3.00 p.m. to
4.30 p.m.) by the applicant him/herself or by a third party;
- Fax Nr. 0039 071 220 2205;
- Post or courier service (evidence shall be constituted by the date of receipt, not the date of
- Certified e-mail to exclusively sent from another certified e-mail
address; the application and any documents considered useful for the application procedure must be
attached in .pdf file form with a maximum size of 20 MB.
The University Administration shall take no responsibility for documents not received as a result of third-
party involvement or any type of network failure.
Any applications received after September 3, 2015 will not be considered.
Candidates must submit the application specifying the PhD Course and, if required, the Curriculum they are
interested in. They must also state if they will accept or not the scholarship, should one be available. If
interested in the Eureka scholarships, candidates must also declare to be unemployed and domiciled or
resident in the Marche Region.
The PhD Course chosen cannot be changed.
Candidates interested in more than one PhD Course must submit an application for each individual Course.
Candidates must pay a non-refundable application fee amounting to € 30.00 for each PhD course. Please
note that the payment of the application fee is compulsory and failure to make payment will result in the
exclusion of the candidates from the selection.
The payment can be done through bank transfer c/o Unicredit – Iban: IT95P0200802626000000600882,
Applications must enclose: 1) copy of a valid I.D. cart or passport, 2) curriculum vitae, to be evaluated by
the Selection Committee, 3) list of the exams taken and grades achieved, list of qualifications and list of any
academic publications, using Annex C/1 (Italian text) or Annex C/2 (English text) to this Call, 4) copy of
qualifications and copy of the publications, 5) application fee’s bank slip of € 30,00.
Applicants for the PhD Courses in “Management and law” and “Political Economy” must enclose a copy of
the final thesis in PDF format or on CD-ROM that will be evaluated in addition to the other qualifications.
Applicants may personally (or through a person with a signed authorization) collect the documents
submitted for the entrance examination at “Ripartizione Dottorato di Ricerca” within 90 days after the end of
the competition procedures. Within the same term, applicants may submit a written request (enclosing a
payment receipt of € 13,00 addressed to Università Politecnica delle Marche – UniCredit Banca di Roma
S.p.A. – Piazza Roma 25 – Ancona IBAN_IT95P0200802626000000600882) to ask for their documents to be
returned by post.
After 90 days since the end of the competition procedures, the University will no longer have to return any
of the applicants’ documents.
According to the Italian Law Nr. 104 of February 5, 1992, as amended and supplemented, disabled
candidates can explicitly refer to their status in the application and provide a declaration concerning their
disability, to be annexed to the application according to Art. 47 of the Decree of the President of the
Republic Nr. 445/2000, so that any possible obstacle during the competition is removed.
Candidates who graduated abroad and who ask for the recognition of the eligibility of their degree by the
Selection Committee, must submit upon application the documents required to this purpose (degree
certificate, list of courses attended and their duration, list of the exams passed, etc.), along with an Italian
translation, an authentication issued by a competent Italian diplomatic-consular representative for the
country, in accordance with the regulations governing the admission of foreign students to Italian university degree courses.
Page 4
At any time, candidates may be officially notified of exclusion from the competition for failure to meet admission requirements.

Selection for the admission to the PhD Courses will be carried out upon evaluation of the academic
qualifications and through an exam (interview).
The Selection Committee awards up to 40 points to candidates’ qualifications, whereas max. 20 points to the
qualifications of candidates for the PhD Course in “Life and Environmental Sciences” and max. 30 points to
the qualifications of candidates for the PhD Course in “Economics”.
Candidates’ qualifications will be evaluated before the interview according to the general criteria set by the
Selection Committee. Evaluation results will be published before the interview takes place. The candidates
who have regularly submitted their application are all admitted to the interview, regardless of the points achieved for their qualifications.
The Selection Committee awards up to 60 points for the interview, whereas max. 80 points to the interview
of candidates for the PhD Course in “Life and Environmental Sciences” and max. 70 points to the interview
of candidates for the PhD Course in “Economics”.
In compliance with art. 7 of the Decree of the President of the Republic Nr. 487 of May 9, 1994, each
Selection Committee may establish a minimum passing mark for the interview.
The time, date, and place of the exams for each PhD Course are reported in “Annex A” of this Call. This
publication is equivalent to a notification to all intents and purposes. Applicants will not receive any further
The exams are meant to assess the candidates’ qualification, attitude towards research and the knowledge
of one or more foreign languages.
Candidates will be admitted to the exams upon presentation of a valid identification document. Candidates
who do not show up at the place and time reported in Annex A of this Call shall not take part in the
By explicit request enclosed with the application form, applicants residing abroad can take the interview
online (via Skype or similar tools), thereby providing their personal contact addresses and guaranteeing to
use a webcam for their identification by the Selection Committee. On the day set for the interview, as
indicated in Annex A, the candidate must be reachable to the personal address provided and show the
identity document, a copy of which he/she attached to the application, before the interview starts. The time
of the interview can be agreed upon by the Selection Committee and the candidate him/herself.
A Selection Committee will be appointed for each PhD Course, in compliance with the University Rules. The
names of the members of the Selection Committee will be published after closure of the call on the following
web-page: “Concorsi” – Concorsi vari - Dottorato di ricerca XXXI ciclo.
At the end of the interviews, each Selection Committee shall draw up a list of the examined candidates with
the grades assigned to each of them. The list shall be undersigned by the President and the Secretary of the
Selection Committee and affixed on that same day in the building where the interviews took place.
At the end of the selection procedure, each Selection Committee draws up a ranking list for each PhD Course
considering the total grades achieved by each candidate through the interview and his/her academic
qualifications. In case of research grants or scholarships funded or co-funded by third parties, to be used in
activities for the development of a specific research topic, the Selection Committee also proposes the
allocation of all the research grants and scholarships for the specific PhD Course, by considering the ranking
list, the preference expressed by the candidates for one of the possible curricula as well as the evaluation of
the competences on the specific research topic by the Committee itself.
Page 5
X:\1-DOTTORATO\Dottorato\17° ciclo\istituzione\Bando di concorso\BANDO inglese definitivo.rtf
If two or more applicants score an equal number of points on the list, the financial situations of the
candidates shall prevail, according to the Prime Minister Decree (D.P.C.M.) of April 9, 2001, as amended and
At the end of the selection procedure, the ranking lists drawn up by the Committees for each PhD Course
will be approved by the Rector. Candidates will be admitted to the Courses according to their position in the
ranking list until all available positions have been allocated for each PhD Course.
The scholarships funded by the University and by Fondazione Cariverona only will be allocated according to
the ranking list until all available scholarships have been awarded.
Scholarships as described above, as well as research grants and any other scholarships funded or co-funded
by third parties, to be used for working on a specific research topic, will be allocated according to the
proposal by the Selection Committee, as provided for in art. 6.
The final rankings of candidates will be published on the University website
(“Concorsi” – “Concorsi vari” – “Dottorato di ricerca XXXI ciclo”) within September 30, 2015.
This publication is equivalent to a notification to all intents and purposes. Applicants will not receive any
further communication.
The admitted candidates must apply for enrolment according to the procedure described in art. 4 and 8 of
this Call. The enrolment application must be sent according to the instructions in Art. 8 of this call within
October 9, 2015.
Evidence shall be constituted by the date of receipt, not the date of dispatch.
Any remaining places will be assigned to other candidates, according to their positioning on the final ranking
list, by considering, in case of scholarships funded or co-funded the preference expressed by the candidates
for one of the possible curricula.
Notification thereof will be sent by email to the email address provided for by the candidates in their
Should a candidate qualify for a position in more than one ranking, he/she must register for one PhD Course
only within the indicated deadline.
Candidates who have not completed the enrolment procedure in accordance with the terms and
conditions indicated above will be considered as withdrawn.
Should any of the scholarship recipients withdraw, the scholarship will be assigned to the applicant coming
next in the ranking list, within December 20.
The candidates ranked in the list of the admitted students must enroll using the forms available on the
university website, al percorso “Concorsi” – Concorsi vari – Dottorato di ricerca XXXI
The application form must be sent along with the following documents:

n. 1 passport-sized photo, size cm 4 x 4,5, signed on the back by the applicant;

receipt of payment of € 160,00, or € 156,00 in case of disabled students, for Regional university fees
and virtual stamp duties, paid to “Università Politecnica delle Marche” IBAN code
IT95P0200802626000000600882, reason for payment: “iscrizione al Corso di dottorato di ricerca in
…………………..” (“enrolment to the PhD Course in….”);
â–º for scholarship-recipients only:
â—� substitute declaration of residence and domicile in the Marche Region (EUREKA Project scholarship-
recipients only), and substitute declaration of unemployment condition;
â—� form concerning the ways of payment of the scholarship and the national insurance contribution (INPS);
Page 6
â–º candidates holding an academic qualification obtained at a University abroad must submit in
addition to the documents already attached to the application form the following (according
to the rules governing each single Country):
- a copy of the degree certificate, along with its Italian translation, the authentication and a “declaration
of validity” (“dichiarazione di valore”) issued by the competent Italian consular or diplomatic
representative for the country;
• for foreign citizens only:
- Copy of the “Permit of Stay” or a copy of the request of the “Permit of Stay”, for non-EU citizens;
- Copy of certification of registration at the registry office, issued by the town-hall of residence, for EU-
At any time, candidates may be officially notified of exclusion from the PhD Course for failure to meet
admission requirements.
The yearly amount of a scholarship is € 13.638,47. It includes social security charges, which are to be paid by
the students themselves.
Scholarships will be paid in monthly installments for a year and can be extended to the next year provided
that the PhD-student has successfully completed the program of activities of the current year, according to
the assessment by the Scientific Board.
PhD scholarships cannot be combined with other scholarships or other research grants, with the exception of
those designed to be integrated with PhD student research activities, for periods spent abroad, and paid by
national or foreign institutions.
The amount of the scholarship will be increased by 50% for duly authorized periods abroad, if funds are
available. These periods abroad must be min. 30 consecutive days and max. 18 months long. The
scholarship increase does not apply for mobility to the country of origin in case of graduates from foreign
universities and recipients of a scholarship.
Those who have been awarded a doctoral scholarship must not apply for such benefit again, even if for
partial fruition. In this second case, applications will be submitted to the academic bodies and, if approved,
the granted scholarship will be exclusive of the share already enjoyed.
As for research grants as in this Call, please refer to the provisions set forth in the “Rules and Regulations
for research grants” issued through Rectoral Decree n. 809 of 11th July 2011 as amended and supplemented
The fees to be paid for the access to and attendance of PhD Courses and the conditions for granting
exemptions are decided on a yearly basis by the Board of Directors prior consultation with the Academic
Senate according to the regulations in force concerning the right to university studies.
The amount of the above-mentioned fees for the academic year 2015/16 has to be paid as follows:
a) 1° installment: € 160,00, inclusive of regional university fees and virtual stamp duties. The amount shall
be paid by all PhD students upon application. Please, note that the 1° installment amounts to € 156,00
for disabled students;
b) 2° installment: it must be paid not later than May 31, 2016 by PhD students who have not been awarded
the PhD scholarship or other scholarships which imply exemption.
The amount of the second installment as mentioned in letter b) ranges from a min. of € 240,00 to a max.
of € 891,00 and has to be paid according to criteria of equity and solidarity considering the financial
conditions of the candidates, who are to this purpose divided into eleven categories. In order to be
assigned to one of the above-mentioned eleven categories, students must submit a self-certification
Page 7
X:\1-DOTTORATO\Dottorato\17° ciclo\istituzione\Bando di concorso\BANDO inglese definitivo.rtf
stating their income, properties and financial assets (ISEE/ISEEU – Financial Situation Index) to the
University Administration in compliance with the terms and conditions set out in a specific call, that will
be published on the University website
Students who have been declared as disabled, according to art. 3, par. 1 of the Italian Law or as having a
disability rate of 66% or higher and students who graduated at a university abroad and admitted to the
PhD Courses exclusively reserved to them, are not required to pay the above-mentioned second
A penalty of € 50,00 will be applied in case of late payment of the second installment.
The amount paid upon application will be returned to the student, if he/she withdraws before the PhD
Course starts.
PhD Students are to be considered as university students in all respects.
They must therefore attend the PhD Courses and carry out study and research activities within the facilities
provided for that purpose, in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Scientific Board. At the end
of each year they must submit an activity report to the Scientific Board for, amongst other things, the
extension of the scholarship, if entitled to it.
The admission to PhD Courses requires a full-time and exclusive commitment.
PhD students can carry out the following activities, prior authorization of the Scientific Board and without
any increase in the scholarship::
a. Tutor activities for students of bachelor- and master degree courses;
b. Non-remunerated supplementary didactic activities for a max. of 40 hours for each academic year. If
these supplementary didactic activities are carried out at a University which the Univpm has concluded an
agreement with, the authorization must be granted by resolution of the Academic Senate upon approval
of the Scientific Board.
In addition, PhD Students can, prior to authorization of the Scientific Board, carry out the following
- Professional internships, provided that they don’t interfere with the doctoral activities;
- Fixed-term jobs;
- Research grants;
- Paid activities, if they do not interfere with the didactic and research activities included in the PhD Course.
PhD students who have been awarded a scholarship can perform exclusively paid activities which are
strictly connected to the topics of the PhD-Course; in the case of PhD students who have not been
awarded any scholarships, the inconsistency of the paid activity with the activities of the PhD Course must
be assessed considering that, according to the Italian Constitution, those skilled and worthy, although
without financial means, have the right to progress to the highest educational levels.
All PhD students, both recipients and non-recipients of a scholarship, must submit to the Scientific Board a
written request for the authorization to the performance of the paid activity they wish to perform, along
with a declaration of their tutors attesting the compatibility of the activities with the doctoral research work
undertaken. Subsequently, the Scientific Board will take its decisions, including the exclusion of the student
from the PhD-course, if deemed appropriate. The decisions taken by the Scientific Board will be notified to
the Rector.
Students enrolled in a university course cannot apply for admission to a PhD Course, according to the
Ministerial Decree n. 271 of October 22, 2004 and following amendments and integrations.
Students in the last year of the Univpm Specialization Schools in the medical area who have been admitted
to a PhD Course offered by Univpm, can attend both, provided that:
Page 8
a. attendance to both courses does not interfere with the activities of the Specialization School. A declaration
issued by the Board of the Specialization School itself shall then be submitted in this respect;
b. they accept not to benefit from the PhD scholarship in the year when attending both courses.
People employed in public administrations, who have been admitted to the PhD Courses, are subject to the
provisions of Art. 2 of Law Nr. 476 of August 13, 1984 – and following amendments and integrations –
governing paid and unpaid study leave. The study leave shall be granted with regard to the needs of the
public administration they serve and only if they have never enrolled in a PhD Course before.
PhD students of the medical area can take part in clinical activities, under the direct responsibility of the
Director of the Division and after all the insurance obligations of the host clinic have been met.
Causes for the interruption of the PhD course are:
a. pregnancy and maternity, in conformity with Legislative Decree n. 151 of March 26, 2001 and following
amendments and integrations, and with Decree of Ministry of Labour and Social Security of July 12,
b. serious and long-term illnesses;
c. civil service;
d. enrolment in a “Tirocinio Formativo Attivo (TFA)” (internship) in compliance with art. 15 of the above-
mentioned Ministerial Decree n. 249 of September 10, 2010.
PhD students, who decide to suspend the PhD Course temporarily for more than 2 months, must extend the
course after the end of the three years for a period equivalent to the one not fulfilled. In this case the
scholarship shall be regularly credited, provided that no limitations to extensions of scholarship exist, as in
the case scholarships being paid by other institutions than the Univpm.
PhD students may decide to withdraw from a course at any time during the three-year period. The
University will acknowledge the student’s course activities upon attendance certification issued by the
Scientific Board and upon payment of the annual tuition fees in case of PhD students not holding a
PhD students may also decide to renounce their scholarship. In this case, they will maintain their PhD-
students status, but will lose any right to the scholarship fruition. The remaining amount may be awarded to
the next admitted non-percipient candidates in the ranking lists.
In the cases of unauthorized absence or non fulfilment of the obligations, including the activities to be
carried out within the end of each year, the Scientific Board shall reasonably suggest to the Rector that the
student be dismissed from the PhD Course, thereby losing the right to receive the scholarship, if granted.
PhD students are provided with insurance coverage against accidents and for civil liabilities for the whole
duration of the course and solely for the activities related to the PhD Course.
Inventions made by PhD students during the activities performed within the PhD Course will be subject to
the University Regulations concerning patents.
The title of PhD (“Dottore di Ricerca”) is awarded by the Rector upon positive evaluation of the thesis,
contributing to the development of the competences or of the methodologies in the chosen research field.
The PhD thesis is examined by two professors chosen by the Scientific Board, who will decide if the thesis
shall be submitted for public dissertation or if this shall be postponed up to six months for further
integrations or corrections. After six months the thesis will be admitted to public dissertation in any case.
Thesis dissertation will take place before an Examination Board appointed in compliance with the University
Page 9
X:\1-DOTTORATO\Dottorato\17° ciclo\istituzione\Bando di concorso\BANDO inglese definitivo.rtf
Before thesis dissertation, PhD students shall submit their final thesis - along with a short abstract in Italian
and English – to the open access University library, which shall be responsible for assuring its preservation
and access to the public, as well as for legal deposit of the thesis at the national libraries of Rome and
Upon substantiated request of the PhD student and prior authorization of the Scientific Board the thesis can
be kept confidential and not accessible to third parties for a period not longer than 12 months in accordance
to the measures taken to protect copyright, industrial property rights and avoid their commercial
For matters not explicitly covered in this Call, please refer to the provisions contained in the “Regolamento
dottorato di ricerca” (Rules and Regulations for PhD Courses) issued with Rector’s Decree Nr. 694 of July 1,
2013, and in the Ministerial Decree Nr. 45 of February 8, 2013 and in the University regulations in force.
The Head of the Research Department is responsible for overseeing all administrative procedures, according
to art. 4 of Law nr. 241 of August 7, 1990.
The University Administration will use the applicants’ personal data solely for the fulfillment of the selection
procedures and for administrative purposes after enrollment, in accordance with Legislative Decree n. 196 of
June 30, 2003.
Personal data must be provided in order to assess compliance with the requirements. Non-submittance of
personal data will result in the exclusion from the competition.
The information provided can only be transferred to the public administrations directly involved in the
competition or requiring to process the data after enrolment.
The candidates hold the rights provided for in the above-mentioned Legislative Decree Nr. 196/2003 and
following amendments and integrations, such as the right of access to their personal data, and the right to
modify, add to, correct, update or delete data, which are inaccurate, incomplete or collected in a way
incompatible with the legitimate purposes, as well as the right to object to the processing of such personal
These rights may be asserted against Università Politecnica delle Marche, the data processing entity.
The person responsible for data processing is the General Manager of the Univpm.
Candidates are aware that the ranking lists shall be published with surname, name and other personal
details of the candidates only in case of candidates with the same name without exception, in accordance
with the privacy protection rules.
Ancona, 21.07.2015
Prof. Sauro Longhi

Further Information

Application Deadline : 3 September 2015

131 PhD Positions at Polytechnic University of Marche : PDF

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