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PhD student in Physical Chemistry, Sweden


Research and graduate education at the department of chemistry and molecular biology comprises a wide scientific field from the atomic and molecular levels all the way through cells to intact organisms. Much of the phenomena studied here impact on our natural environment and living systems. We participate in undergraduate programs in chemistry, molecular biology, medicinal chemistry, biology, marine sciences, and pharmacy.
A third cycle education at our department will lead to a Ph.D. in Natural sciences, natural sciences with a specialisation in Chemistry or natural sciences with a specialisation in biology. Ph.D studies comprises four years at the post graduate level. The time period can be extended to 5 years in total through teaching and/or other departmental duties.

The group develops theory and implements it on computers in order to study chemical processes in the gas phase and in condensed phase. We foCus on processes relevant to astrochemistry, e.g. radiative association and diffusion on and in interstellar ice particles. See also:

Job assignments

Taking part in the development of theoretical methods and the implementation of these in computer programs. Run the programs and analyze the results for publication in international journals.


The qualifications for education on a doctoral level are: degree in advanced level, at least 240 university points, of which 60 are on an advanced level, or in an other way acquired similar knowledge.


Regulations for the evaluation of qualifications for education on a doctoral level are given in SFS 1998:80.

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Application Deadline : 29 February 2016

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