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PhD proposal-Mining and Analysis of enriched trajectories, Germany


Movement of users in indoor settings introduces new challenges, which are not addressed by the existing research in the area. The challenges stem from the fact that we have the ability to capture and analyze massive users’ trajectories that take place indoors, but also to provide and link them with enriched information due to the advanced technological devices that can provide additional data on user’s activities. We have also the ability to process now massive datasets of user paths (trajectories) of their visits. One application domain is museums, as visitors are offered aid through devices (e.g. audio guides, mobile applications) and the data collected can be used to allow museums to learn more about their visitors and their visiting trajectories and behavior patterns.

So the main challenges of the thesis are related to the:

  • modeling of users’ trajectories in indoor environments (geometric level), enriched with information about the visitors and their activities (e.g. use of related multimedia, consultation of texts or other descriptive works, etc.) (symbolic and semantic level),
  • development of analytical methods to analyze these enriched trajectories that would also scale to handle the increased size of the data. These methods might extend the search techniques of spatiotemporal data for the detection of recurrent movement patterns to indoor environments,
  • interpretation of test results in a museum setting, in order to better understand visitor’s behavior,
  • suggest in real time paths or points to visit based on the analysis of user’s behavior.

The work builds on a collaboration with the Louvre, which will provide the data, support and validation of the use cases’ analysis and interpretation.


The thesis takes place within the “Trajectories” project, funded by the Heritage Science Foundation (LabEx Patrima) carried by the ETIS laboratory at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (UCP), in collaboration with the DAVID laboratory at the University of the Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ), the AGORA laboratory (UCP) and the Louvre Museum. The thesis will start in October 2016 will be co-directed by Dimitris Kotzinos (ETIS) and Karine Zeitouni (DAVID), in collaboration with all project partners.


Applicants should send a CV, a cover letter and transcripts of their academic qualifications (including a master thesis and/or any published scientific papers, if available) in PDF format to in an e-mail titled “PhD Museum
Trajectories”. They can provide, if they wish, letters of recommendation. Further enquiries are also welcome. Knowledge of French is not a requirement.

A first selection will be made for applications arrived before 20 July 2016. If necessary a second selection will take place in September.

Further Information

Application Deadline : 20 July 2016

PhD proposal-Mining and Analysis of enriched trajectories : PDF

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Posted on 2016-07-06 00:23:41

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