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2016 Call for admission for Doctoral degree programs, International School of Advanced Studies, Italy


The call for admissions is now open for doctoral degree programs (32nd cycle) at the School of Advanced Studies (hereinafter SAS), for both citizens of the European Union and non-citizens, in the following areas of scientific research.

a) Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechnology:
1) Chemical Sciences;
2) Pharmaceutical Sciences.

b) Legal and social sciences:
1) Civil Law and Constitutional Legality;
2) Fundamental Rights in the Global Society.

c) Life and Health Sciences:
1) Molecular Biology and Cellular Biotechnology;
2) One health (integrated approach to health focused on interactions between animals, humans and their diverse environments);
3) Ecosystems and biodiversity management.

d) Science and Technology:
1) Mathematics;
2) Computer science;
3) Theoretical and experimental physics;
4) Physical and chemical processes in Earth systems.

All doctoral degree programs are subject to accreditation review by the Ministry of Education pursuant to Ministerial Decree 45/2013 and will be activated following approval. The scholarship awardees can enroll in the university only once approval has been made by the Ministry.

The programs will begin on or before the date of 30 November 2016 and will conclude on 31 October 2019, with the submission of an original doctoral dissertation in English. In addition to the preparation of the dissertation, all candidates are required to participate in a series of courses conducted in
English as organized by the School of Advanced Studies. Candidates are also encouraged to participate in residency programs at other universities in Italy or abroad.

Scholarships may be awarded based on demonstrated academic merit and can be renewed for the three year period of the program after annual review. A minimum of thirty-two scholarships will be made available for the aforementioned programs.

Externally funded scholarships may also be awarded. They are funded through programs, projects and conventions with outside institutions which foresee research activities on specific topics that the awardees are bound to undertake. Each candidate can apply for two externally funded scholarships when applying for admission.

In detail, the scholarships available for this call for admission are:

scholarship in memory of Rosanna Aliprandi regarding a research project to study endometrial cancer;

scholarship through the partnership agreement between the University of Anversa (Belgium) and the
University of Camerino, with the awarding of a Ph.D. Degree.

scholarship through an agreement between the University of Camerino and the University of Dschang
reserved for candidates from Cameroon;

scholarships within the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers program adopted by the University and reserved for citizens with degrees qualifying for entrance into the doctoral program which have been earned

Scholarships can also be funded through the Eureka Project. The Eureka project funds Ph.D. scholarships through a joint program between the Marches Region and universities and businesses in the Marches. The purpose of the project is to promote higher education and research for the development of new scientific knowledge and innovation. The Eureka scholarships are awarded following the procedures set forth in this call for admissions. The awarding of said scholarships is subject to the finalizing of the agreements with the outside business partners funding the research. Awardees of Eureka Project scholarships must conduct part of their research at the partner businesses' facilities, although at least half of their work must be done at the university.

2 scholarships through the agreement signed between the University of Camerino and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Nortwestern Switzerland, FHNW, School of Business, which are reserved for personnel working at FHNW for the purposes of conducting research on Business Information Systems.

The scholarships are awarded following the procedures set forth in this call for admissions. The definitive number of scholarships available will be published on the university website at the following address, All scholarships are renewed on an annual basis by the Board of the SAS, after review by the Doctoral Advisory Committee of the work done by the awardees during the previous academic year.

Based on the admissions rankings, at least 8 places in the doctoral programs will be made available without scholarships. Candidates admitted without a scholarship must indicate whether they can find funding from public and/or private institutions other than the University of Camerino.

The work done by candidates without a scholarship is also subject to review by the Doctoral Advisory Committee.


All applications must be submitted before 2 September 2016 using the online form available at Applications submitted in any other manner will be excluded from the admissions process. As indicated on the application form, candidates must provide at least three references (professors/researchers) who will then be contacted by e-mail by the admissions office and requested to provide a letter of recommendation using the form available on the university website. The letter of recommendation must be received within 7 days following the deadline of this call for admissions.

Candidates must ensure that at least one letter of reference is submitted. Failure to do so will result in the application non being considered for admission to the program.

Application forms which do not provide all of the required information will not be considered in the application process. Applications made by fac-simile or with hard copy attachments will not be considered.

Candidates should pay special attention when drafting their research proposal in English since it is one of the main criteria used to evaluate the research potential of the candidate. In addition, candidates must indicate 2 research topics from those listed on the website ( in order of priority. In the case where candidates would like to apply for an externally funded scholarship, they can indicate up to a maximum of two. With the exception of research proposals for externally funded scholarships, the research topics are not binding as regards the definitive choice of the research project for the doctoral degree.


Further Information

Application Deadline : 2 September 2016

2016 Call for admission for Doctoral degree programs, International School of Advanced Studies : PDF

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