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PhD position in data provenance and scientific data management, USA


The Data Systems and Optimization Lab ( at the School of Computing in the College of Computing and Digital Media, DePaul University invites applications for a fully funded PhD in Computer Science, with specialization in the area of database systems.

This completely-funded PhD will specifically be in the area of graph data management, data provenance/lineage, and scientific data management. The objective will be to create new ways of capturing, tracking and making understandable large-scale, distributed scientific experiments. The sub-objectives are: (a) to track the (in)stability and uncertainty in scientific experiments and their impact on recorded provenance; (b) to develop tools for capturing and preserving scientific experiments and their provenance and developing appropriate database technology for the same; (c) to develop techniques using dynamic, interactive visualisations to support exploratory analyses of this kind of big, fuzzy graph data; (d) to encourage engagement with this research, while working in collaboration with domain scientists.

The project is significant for both scientific domains that struggle with reproducibility of scientific experiments, and computer science which has yet to provide adequate tools to domain scientist to manage their research data lifecycles. It aims to transform academic and public understandings of research data management and conduct of reproducible science.

The successful candidate is expected to start their studentship on 1st January 2017.


Dr. Tanu Malik (College of Computing and Digital Media, School of Computing)

Contact: dbgroup at cdm depaul edu

Advisory team

A multi-disciplinary advisory team will also guide the project, offering the PhD student advice, facilities, and potential opportunities for travel, training, and dissemination.


Candidates should have a Masters degree in Computer Science or a related field.
Applicants with proven skills in operating systems and database systems should apply. Knowledge about compiler techniques, graph theory, and some relevant knowledge about high performance computing is highly desirable.
Candidates should be highly motivated, ambitious, focused, like to collaborate in a team and have: (i) Solid programming abilities with a strong interest in improving their software development skills. (ii) An interest in carrying out internationally leading, scholarly research including dissemination through conferences and journals. (iii) Fluent and articulate communication in both written and spoken English – particularly with experience in academic writing.

For more information on eligibility criteria or to apply, please visit:

Further Information

Application Deadline : 30 December 2015

PhD position in data provenance and scientific data management : PDF

Contact Email:

Posted on 2016-07-31 08:47:20

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