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PhD student in applied physics, Sweden


The research group Applied Physics is part of the Division of Materials Science at the Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics at Luleå University of Technology. We offer an exciting and inspiring research environment and we conduct internationally acclaimed high-quality research, and we have many high profile collaborations both nationally and internationally. Our research strives for new and deeper understanding of current, and possible future materials, in technological applications and measurements through modelling at the nanoscale.

Subject description
The subject comprises physics with an emphasis on calculations and simulations that are closely and widely related to applications and applied research.

Project description
At the Applied Physics group we conduct research in electronic structure theory, which means that we study atoms, molecules and material, and their properties through quantum mechanical simulations free from empirical approximations. The calculations therefore have the possibility to predict properties that never have been measured, and can also be used to explain experimental observations at the atomic- and nanoscale. These simulations are made with advanced programmes on high-performance computers.

The PhD project involves performing such electron structure simulations in collaboration with us, and experimental groups, for the purpose of better understanding the following research project:

The shortage and pollution of drinking water globally requires the development of highly efficient water treatment technologies. The removal of contaminations such as heavy metals, dyes, pesticides, plant protection, etc., from industrial, agricultural and other activities, is a very urgent work considering the effects on public health and the environment. Nanocellulose based membranes has a high potential to provide an effective cleaning process. Modeling in combination with experimental work provides very good conditions for the development of an efficient membrane-based water cleaning system.

To work as a PhD student entails both collaborations in big research projects and independent work within subprojects. There are possibilities to partake in the forming of the daily work, as well as the research assignments within the project. PhD study is an employment that lasts for a maximum of five years and involves education at research level and leads to a PhD examination. Departmental duties such as lecturing and tutoring at the university courses given at the department, and other assignments are usually included at a maximum of 20% of full time.

The applicant should have a Master of Science with emphasis on Physics, Chemistry, or equivalent. A background with experience of both experimental methods and computational physics/chemistry will be important for the PhD-project.

Read more; Studieplaner för forskarutbildning inom teknisk fakultet  

For further information please contact: Prof. Andreas Larsson, 0920-49 1848, Union representatives: SACO-S Daina Dagis, 0920-49 3880 OFR-S Lars Frisk, 0920-49 1792 Luleå University of Technology is actively working on equality and diversity that contributes to a creative study- and work environment. The University's core values ​​are based on respect, trust, openness and responsibility. In case of different interpretations of the English and Swedish versions of this announcement, the Swedish version takes precedence. 

We prefer that you apply for this position by clicking on the apply button below. The application should include a CV, personal letter and copies of verified diplomas from high school and universities. Your application, including diplomas, must be written in English or Swedish. Mark your application with the reference number below. 

Further Information

Application Deadline : 8 January 2017

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