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Four Ph.D. students in Computer simulations in Materials chemistry, Sweden

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These Ph.D. projects belong to the area of materials chemistry, with focus on computer simulations of functional materials of technological or environmental importance. Our research aims to give a deeper understanding of molecular processes and reactions on the surfaces of materials and nanoparticles or at the interface between these and water, as water is often present in realistic processes.

Nanoparticles of metal oxides are used in a range of different contexts - from everyday life, as paint additives, to more advanced applications such as solar cells, heterogeneous catalysis or medicine. They have great potential for the future, but some obstacles need to be overcome first: for example today one knows very little about how, and why, the chemistry of the nanoparticles varies with their sizes and shapes.

In our research group, the focus lies on solving chemically interesting problems but we are also interested in improving the computational methods we use. The exact contents of the Ph.D. projects will be designed jointly between the Ph.D. student and the supervisors. The studies will be carried out in a lively research environment with senior and more junior researchers with broad competences within materials chemistry, inorganic chemistry and computational chemistry.

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Doctoral studies normally comprise 4 years of full-time studies. Additionally, other duties at the department, usually teaching assistant duties, up to 20% may be included. More information about doctoral studies at can be found under

Eligibility requirements and ranking: The applicant should hold a Masters or Civil engineering degree (or equivalent) within the areas of chemistry or physics. If, at the time of application, the applicant's degree is not yet completed, provide the expectation date of completion. Courses, or other types of experience, within one or several of the following subjects are a merit for these Ph.D. positions: materials chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, computational chemistry/computational physics, programming. A combined assessment will be made of the applicant's competence, interest, knowledge and documented merits of relevance for the announced research area ("computer simulations of materials chemistry"), as well as of the applicant's suitability to carry out and develop the research project. Personal circumstances that may be of relevance for the application, for example parental leaves, ought to be included in the CV that is one of the documents that form part of the application (see below).

For more information about these positions you are welcome to contactProf. Kersti Hermansson (, tel 471 3767), Dr. Peter Broqvist (, Dr. Daniel Spångberg ( Trade union representatives are Anders Grundström, SACO-rådet, tel 018-471 5380, Carin Söderhäll, TCO-ST, tel 018-471 1996 and Stefan Djurström, SEKO, tel 018-471 3315.

Welcome with your application, written in English, at the latest on 15 May 2013, UFV-PA 2013/1140. Note that only one application is needed to apply to all four positions simultaneously. Click on the link below to get to the application form and the documents that need to be uploaded with the application

Further Information

Application Deadline : 15 May 2013

Four Ph.D. students in Computer simulations in Materials chemistry : PDF

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